Priceless Exchange - Demi Pair and Au-Pair Agency - Why Theresa Only Chooses Male Demi Pairs

Theresa Pullen has had a female Demi Pair before but says she’ll only choose males from now on because her current Swiss Demi Pair Ramzy is so helpful, happy and independent.  Demi-Pair Ramzy from Switzerland

Ramzy has a really good relationship with Theresa’s two boys, Jacob aged 2 and Ethan, 6 months.

“They (male Demi Pairs) have a natural childish way about them so they really do connect with the children and they don’t get bored playing with them.

“Males are more independent. You ask him to do something and he is just more than happy to help out - whatever you need help with on the day, whether it’s feed Ethan or help Jacob with folding. Other days he does the vacuuming, mopping and helps with dinner or I do it and we swap.

“Even if I had a female child, I’d still get a male Demi Pair.

“He’s just a really integral part of the team.

“The only thing he can’t quite tackle is nappy changes!”


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