20 Ways a Demi Pair Can Help You at Home

Here are some of the things a Demi Pair can do to help you at home and
free up your time

  1. Wash laundry, get it dry, ironed, folded, and put away.
  2. Entertain your kids while you get your work done, have a shower or cook dinner.
  3. Mind your kids at night while you go out.
  4. Prepare meals for your family and help children at mealtime.
  5. Tidy the kitchen, wash dishes and load/empty the dishwasher.
  6. Vacuum and mop your floors.
  7. Clean your bathrooms.
  8. Keep your home dust-free.
  9. Help get homework done.
  10. Pack and unpack lunchboxes.
  11. Play games with your kids (male Demi Pairs are especially good at playing outdoors).
  12. Help your kids at bath-time.
  13. Help your kids tidy up.
  14. Take your rubbish and bins out.
  15. Load kids and belongings into the car when you leave home.
  16. Unload your car and bring everything inside when you get home.
  17. Drop your kids at school or childcare and pick them up for you (if agreed).
  18. Teach your kids words and songs in a different language.
  19. Share new things of cultural interest with your family.
  20. Use their unique skills to surprise you in ways you never expected – for example, organising an area of your home, doing your children’s hair, or cooking you a special meal.

You can create a weekly schedule for your Demi Pair to help you with any of these things for a total of 15 hours a week… Giving you an extra 15 hours of time for you