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Does your home have access to public transport? * Host Families need to live within walking distance to a bus stop, as Demi Pairs need to be able to be independent.

Are all members of your Family 16 years or older fully vaccinated against Covid-19? *

Is your family bi-lingual? *

If YES, do you manly speak English at home?

Does any household member have any medical condition or special needs that affect the Demi Pair? *

Does your family have any special dietary requirements? *

Do you have pets? *

Do you have other help at home? *

Describe your Demi Pairs room *

(Please keep in mind that most Demi Pairs attend Language School daily between approx 8.30-9am to 1-3pm)

Can you provide a fair and suitable work schedule and be flexible if needed? *

Are you willing to provide training in the first week and work through any issues if needed? *

Would your Demi-Pair be allowed to smoke? *

Do you need your Demi-Pair to drive a car? *

Would you consider a male Demi-Pair? *

Do you require your Demi Pair to swim? *

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