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Read about how a Demi Pair has made a difference to so many families:

“A sensational program in which everybody wins! Such a clever system. The students benefit, you benefit and your family benefits. Downright brilliant!!” - Rita Noon

“I think it is a "priceless" experience for everyone. Giving and receiving invaluable opportunities.” - Natasha Johnson

“We would love an Au Pair! A 2 week-old and a 2 year-old means not much time out for mum and dad!” – April Jones

“We love our Demi Pair. I have been much more relaxed since she has become part of our family. The kids love having her as much as we do. She is teaching our kids to cook. It is such a relief to have an extra pair of hands and eyes. We don't want her to ever leave!”- Melissa Groom

“It has Been FANTASTIC. It’s nice to have the extra help and feel like the cleaning fairy has been when I get home from work. Then I can sit with the kids after dinner and just relax. And it’s also nice to have another girl around to chat to. We LOVE our Demi Pairs and I cry when they leave.” - Belinda Fairclough

“Having a Demi Pair makes a huge difference to the happiness in our family. Happy mum = happy family!” - Chelsea Everingham

“It's so interesting, fun and educational to have someone from another culture living with us... I would recommend it 1000%. It's priceless help and a priceless experience! - L of Buderim, Sunshine Coast

“We love the flexibility it allows our family. We would be lost without it at this critical time when we both need to work and external child care is not an option! Thanks again Priceless Exchange!” - D of Botany, Sydney

“Not only is my work life busy but I have many additional activities I partake in so it can be a real challenge day in day out to pull everything together. To know I’ve got someone else there working with me to keep everything running smoothly is fantastic.” - Happy family on the Gold Coast

“We now have additional time as a family and I am not running around madly trying to run a home-based business and run a household.” - Lisa Johnston

“Since having a Demi Pair my life is heaven... My house is always clean, my washing is always folded, my dishwasher is always unpacked and my kids are always happy!” - Gold Coast family

“I would highly recommend anyone who needs that extra pair of hands to give a Demi Pair a go! You truly have nothing to lose but everything to gain!- Julie Baker

“Our Demi Pair was quick to become involved in family life and was soon considered another family member; as quick to help out in the kitchen and with the cleaning as she was with our toddler. And our toddler has found a mentor and playmate… Thank you Andrea – remember us next time, this truly is a “Priceless Exchange” - Linda Enever

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