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As a family we like
The children like
Do any of your children have special needs that affect the interaction your Demi Pairs has with them?
Have you got any special dietary requirements that affect your Demi Pair?
Do you have pets?
Do you have other help at home?
Describe your Demi Pairs room
During what hours do you need your Demi Pairs help?
What help do you need?
Can you provide a fair and suitable work schedule and be flexible if needed?
Are you willing to provide training in the first week and work through any issues if needed?
Would your Demi-Pair be allowed to smoke?
Do you need your Demi-Pair to drive a car?
Would you consider a male Demi-Pair?
Do you require your Demi Pair to swim?
It is the family’s responsibility to arrange pick up for their Demi Pair form the Airport. If a Host Family cannot pick up their Demi Pair personally, or arrange a family member or friend, we can arrange an Airport pick up for a fee of $75, which will need to be paid by the time the placement is being confirmed.
As a Host Family we agree to provide a private room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days per week. This is an exchange for 15 hours of help with housework and childcare as outlined in the Family Profile Form.
As a Host Family we understand that it is our responsibility to train our Demi Pair to do the work and help our Demi Pair understand the provided Working Schedule. We understand that a Demi pair is not a trained nanny or housekeeper. We understand that we have to keep the jobs to the ones outlined in the Family Profile Form. We understand that it is our responsibility to provide our Demi Pair with adequate information about our family’s standards and expectations to make to help our Demi Pair settle in easily and quickly.
As a Host Family we understand that we need to contact Priceless Exchange immediately, should we experience any challenges with our Demi Pair. We agree to try our best always to work through any challenges.
As a Host family we understand that we commit to a 12 week placement. Asking our Demi pair to leave within that timeframe can result in a commitment of paying for accommodation and meals for our Demi Pair, unless arranged otherwise with Priceless Exchange.
As a Host Family we understand that the Demi Pair program consists of 2 parts; the 15 hours help provided from our Demi Pair, plus social time spent with the Demi Pair. The 15 hours are considered the working hours and are paid equivalent to the Australian minimum wage in form for a private room and meals. As a Host Family we can expect our Demi Pair to honour this time to the full potential. We agree to spend social time with our Demi pair as well, inviting her/him to some of our weekend outings ect.
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