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Does your home have access to public transport? Host Families need to live within walking distance to a bus stop, as Demi Pairs need to be able to be independent.
Is your family bi-lingual?
If YES, do you manly speak English at home?
Does any household member have any medical condition or special needs?
Does your family have any special dietary requirements?
Do you have any pets?
Do you have other help at home?
Describe your Demi Pairs room
Can you provide a fair and suitable work schedule and be flexible if needed?
Are you willing to provide training in the first week and work through any issues if needed?
Would your Demi-Pair be allowed to smoke?
Do you need your Demi-Pair to drive a car?
Would you consider a male Demi-Pair?
Do you require your Demi Pair to swim?
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    Family sign-up form

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