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Our male Demi Pairs are becoming very popular with many families who regularly have a Demi Pair helping them at home. Generally, the guys can cook better than the girls, and one family says they also have more energy to get housework done faster, plus they are more enthusiastic and willing to spend time with the children before retiring to their rooms. Some host families also say the guys tend to need less training than the girls and are easier going emotionally. demi-pair with children

Business owner Karen Wildman has a school-aged girl and boy and prefers male Demi Pairs over females.

“The males have more energy and want to be more involved in our household. They seem to fit our busy lifestyle better because they tend to be fitter than the girls and get their chores done quicker. They just get in and get it done then they go and play with the kids,” Karen says.

Many families prefer male a Demi Pair because they can cook great meals. In Korea, when males turn 20 they serve in the army for two years. While they are away from home they learn to cook, whereas mothers usually cook for their daughters who tend to live at home until they marry. Busy, working couples also benefit from having male Demi Pairs cook and help them at home, even if they don’t have children. One of our families is a single dad with a school-aged daughter and their male Demi Pair has worked out to be the better choice for them because he does the cooking as well as other chores.

"So Glad We Changed Our Silly Assumptions"

Nicola Poznanovich says: “We have had the privilege of hosting two Korean male Demi Pairs so far who have both been super-amazing in ways I could never have imagined! I've always been so hesitant about including male Demi Pairs in our home due to my own silly assumptions. I thought I would feel uncomfortable having an unknown male in my house and I thought they wouldn’t be as well-skilled in areas that women are usually more skilled in. “But thankfully my assumptions were wiped away the first day each one arrived and exceeded my expectations throughout their stay with us. The kids loved their extra physical strength and energy, their willingness to play girl and boy things and I loved how protective they were of my kids. In our home, housework is the main duty to do and they took on their tasks so well. They went over and above what I taught them to clean and even would do extra things that I didn't ask them to do because they just wanted to help. My husband comes home late from work so to have another male around to do "men" duties like taking the rubbish out and sweeping the yard was a huge help. “We are so glad we decided to change our assumptions and take in a male Demi Pair. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been putting it off!” said Nicola Poznanovich.

Jeni Shares Her Experience With Male Demi Pair Joseph

“At first we were a little nervous about having a Korean male in the house. Our concerns were mostly that his expectation would be that I was there to do everything for him and tend to his every need. And of course we questioned if he could do housework, cook, how he'd be with the kids, could we trust him, would he be messy, clean, ra ra ra… the whole list went on. “Before we had him, Andrea Pelikan made it very clear that if it didn't work out we could move him on straight away. Yes we had concerns about all the usual stuff that comes with boys and I spoke very openly with Andrea about this. She of course was fantastic and very understanding explaining that the younger Korean males are very different to the stereo types that we are aware of. “Well we couldn't have been further from all of this. Joseph has been about 10,000 times better than ANY Au Pair or Demi Pair we've ever had. (We've had them for nearly 8 years now). He's the best cook, super organised, won't let me do anything, I often find him ironing or doing our laundry on a Saturday night, the uniforms are always ready and waiting. He's AMAZING with the kids and all our friends’ kids love him. “On the first day with us, he played for 5 hours non-stop with them. They loved it and were exhausted. This kind, caring, fun attitude has continued - something that didn't happen with any of the girls we've had. Perhaps because he's male he automatically does other extra things like the rubbish, outside sweeping and seems WAY more engaged with our family. “He's always doing something around the house or studying. He always prepares the clinic for my business so I don't have to do it - something he decided would help me, so he just started doing it.

“I think there are two main reasons he's so good:

1) Because of the compulsory military service he was required to do for 2 years by the Korean government. This also meant he came with extra skills that the military had taught him. Joseph is a qualified Barber so our kids have "Gangnam-style haircuts now". His ironing is EXTREMELY diligent and good. Everything he does is exceptional.

2) Because of the way his parents have raised him. He's not the eldest boy so has been given opportunities that the girls rarely get in Korea. He's been raised to be independent, respectful of others, caring, kind, diligent, aware and intuitive. He learns extremely fast, is always wanting to please us - and I mean ALWAYS, he consistently puts us first before his own needs. “When we had some extremely stressful situations arise in our own personal lives, we told Joseph about them (parents’ heart attacks, I got sick and ended up in hospital, and some other very stressful situations) and he just hugged us and with softness in his voice said "Don’t worry Jeni, I look after you and your family" and of course he did. “He is unfortunately leaving us soon to work fruit picking (as they all do) and that will be a very, very sad day in our house. I do hope he misses us so much that he comes back and stays forever. For us, this has been an amazing experience.”

If you’re thinking about trying a male Demi Pair, give them a go and you might join our growing number of families requesting guys from now on!

Our story in The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 21 February 2015 offers Demi Pairs as a solution for busy parents who could use an extra 20 hours of time a week. We are now seeking Sydney families who live within one hour's travel to Darling Harbour for Demi Pairs studying English at Pyrmont. If you would like to apply for a Demi Pair, please fill in our host family application form or contact us for more information.

The Daily Telegraph Kidspot 21-02-2015

Media Release:

Sydney working parents are discovering the benefits of having a live-in student from overseas help them at home with housework and children for 20 hours a week in exchange for a room, meals and a cross-cultural experience. 

Priceless Exchange is looking for SydneyLangports Sydney Campus
families to host foreign students travelling to Australia to study at Pyrmont’s new Langports English Language College. Families must live within one-hour’s travel to Langports’ Darling Harbour campus at 53 Murray Street. A Demi Pair is a part-time Au Pair who volunteers for 20 hours a week with housework and child-minding in exchange for accommodation and three meals a day. Au Pair means ‘on par’ or living on an equal basis in a reciprocal relationship between the host family and a young person from a different country.

Working North Bondi mother of two Kylie Parker invited French student Adeline Grolleau into her home in October and says having a Demi-Pair has given her the flexibility to go out in the evenings and extra help with house work. “We don’t have family living nearby so to be able to go out to a movie together at night or to a yoga class while my husband is away without paying a babysitter is the best part for us. “Adeline also helps us around the house by folding laundry, feeding pets, cooking two nights a week, loading the dishwasher and doing some light cleaning. “We have drawn up a weekly schedule and shown her what to do so our communication and expectations are clear. Now my friends want a Demi Pair too!”

Priceless Exchange Founder and Director, Gold Coast-based Andrea Pelikan, said the Demi Pair program is becoming increasingly popular among overseas students who want to study English full-time in Australia and experience living with an Australian family.Andrea Pelikan

Andrea Pelikan

“The idea behind Priceless Exchange is foreign students get to live as part of an Australian family and experience our culture in a safe and affordable way while they study English. On the flip side, Australian families get to learn a new culture and get 20 hours of extra time a week in exchange,” Andrea said. When Andrea started home-schooling her three children, she realised she needed a hand to get the housework done, as well as some time out for herself and her husband. “When I came across the Demi Pair program several years ago, it totally changed my life and gave me time to concentrate on my work. When I did spend time with my children I could just be fully there for them, without the constant thoughts of the work I was supposed to do.”

Priceless Exchange started in Queensland in 2011 and has given hundreds of families millions of extra hours of valuable time for themselves. “The Demi Pair program was an epiphany for me because I realised that’s what busy working parents need,” Andrea said.

“The biggest bonus of the Demi Pair program is teaching our children about other countries and cultures. Children benefit massively having a Demi Pair from overseas. It teaches them respect, acceptance and new ways of doing things. “Hosting a Demi Pair is not only about the extra help and time families receive, it is also about creating memories. We keep in touch with all of our Demi Pairs and we have amazing memories with each one of them. For the Demi Pairs, we are their family in Australia so they will always remember us. It builds relationships for life.” Andrea moved to Australia from Switzerland in 1997 when she was 21 years old. Since becoming an Australian citizen and starting a family here, she soon realised there were major cultural differences for parents in Switzerland and Australia. “Switzerland is very community driven, so over there we have lots of help from neighbours and friends, whereas Australians tend to have less community support and more mums tend to work here as well,” Andrea said.

“For many years I worked in the health and wellness industry in Australia and constantly came across people who were seeking change and education about their wellbeing. But most people had the excuse of being time poor.

Mums and dads need time for themselves, plus they need time to spend with their children, and they need time to spend with each other. “Every family can do with some extra help and time and the added bonus of a cultural exchange,” Andrea said. For more information, contact Andrea Pelikan, Founder and Director of Priceless Exchange Au Pair and Demi Pair Agency by phone 0438 010 276 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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