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“To me, having a Demi-Pair means having a friend around”...

This is one of our favourite quotes from a host family, along with: A Male Demi Pair with Pelikans

"To host a Demi-Pair, to us, means friendship.”

When we ask our host families “What’s the best part of having a Demi-Pair?” their responses almost always mention the relationships that form.

Not long ago, a Stanford University lecturer was speaking abut mind-body connection and the relationship between stress and disease. He believed failure to create and maintain quality, personal relationships with other humans is as dangerous to our physical health as smoking! Apparently, one of the best things a man could do for his health was to be married to a woman. Whereas, one of the best things a woman could do for her health was to nurture her relationships with her friends.

Evidence of this is reflected in testimonials from our host families:

“I really enjoy the friendship that forms…”

“The best thing about having a Demi-Pair for me is the company. We enjoy having someone around to chat with and learning about another culture while we are eating together. I also like that the Demi-Pairs are sociable and go out on the weekends so we can enjoy our own family time...

“They have all been like family to us. Our current Demi-Pair is very close in age to me and I just feel like she’s a friend or a family member.” – Shireen Hoffmann

“I really enjoy having that other person around the house and the friendship that forms. My Demi-Pairs don’t get 15 hours of work a week because I don’t have 3 hours’ worth of work a day for them... but I just enjoy their company.” - Belinda Fairclough

“Super excited! Tonight our old Demi-Pair Sally is coming over to visit and cook dinner with our new Demi-Pair Amy... I just love this program! The help is amazing, the kids love it and the friendships formed will be remembered for life... I do enjoy the company of the Koreans because they are very calm and quiet people. If your husband is working away it’s an absolute necessity to have that adult conversation.” – Jeni Langdon

Building relationships for life…

Priceless Exchange Founder Andrea Pelikan said when she and her husband Patrik started Priceless Exchange they didn’t realise how meaningful the relationships between Demi Pairs and their families would be.

“We started Priceless Exchange to give busy parents more time and make it more affordable for young people on a student or working holiday visa to live in Australia. Demi-Pairs help busy families with housework and childcare for 15 hours a week in exchange for a bedroom and meals,” Andrea said.

“Our family stays in touch with the Demi-Pairs who have lived with us and each of them has made their own unique and profound impression on our family. Besides the obvious benefits of having a Demi-Pair (extra time for you, up-to-date laundry and an always-clean house), we didn’t realise Priceless Exchange would also offer invaluable new friendships.”

Andrea and Barbara

My sister Barbara is now helping me keep in touch with our families to make sure all is going well with their Demi Pairs.

Following up with our families regularly is a big job and a very important one, so I thought who better than my wonderful sister to help me with this!

Barbara’s family lives close to mine and our children are about the same ages so we are very close!

With so many new families coming on board, it’s become a real challenge for me to do everything myself. So a bit like the first time I had a Demi Pair help me around the house, I’m looking forward to having Barbara help me with my business.  

Barbara will be contacting our families regularly to see if there’s anything we can do to improve your experience with your Demi Pair and make sure your relationship is as positive and rewarding as possible.

If you have a Demi Pair you’ll hear from Barbara soon. Please ask her anything you’re not sure about and tell her about any issues you have. 

We're here to help you find solutions for any situation so you join our long list of happy families. 

With Smiles,

Andrea Pelikan

Founder & Director of Priceless Exchange

Theresa Pullen has had a female Demi Pair before but says she’ll only choose males from now on because her current Swiss Demi Pair Ramzy is so helpful, happy and independent.  Demi-Pair Ramzy from Switzerland

Ramzy has a really good relationship with Theresa’s two boys, Jacob aged 2 and Ethan, 6 months.

“They (male Demi Pairs) have a natural childish way about them so they really do connect with the children and they don’t get bored playing with them.

“Males are more independent. You ask him to do something and he is just more than happy to help out - whatever you need help with on the day, whether it’s feed Ethan or help Jacob with folding. Other days he does the vacuuming, mopping and helps with dinner or I do it and we swap.

“Even if I had a female child, I’d still get a male Demi Pair.

“He’s just a really integral part of the team.

“The only thing he can’t quite tackle is nappy changes!”


Thomas from Italy was Danielle Mahoney’s first Demi Pair and he became part of the family for her 8-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. 

Danielle is an assistant nurse and wanted a Demi Pair to mind her children at short notice when she had shift work. Mahoney Family and Thomas

“When Thomas left it was sad to see him go and I told him he could contact us any time. He is like part of the family and is coming back to visit while he’s still in Australia.

“The kids loved him and my son said he missed him already when I put him to bed on the night Thomas left. They liked to jump on the trampoline and play Nerf guns together.

“Having been a single parent for eight years, it was nice to have his company around the house. 

“I think being from Italy, Thomas is more family orientated than Australians his age. He was really happy to be with the kids all the time. Even if he didn’t have to, he always said ‘I want to’ and he always said ‘yes’ to playing with my son. 

“He told us he felt like we were his family and he’d prefer to be with his family instead of retreating to his room so he could practice his English. 

“Being from Italy, he eats pasta every day so he’d cook it for himself and he was always happy to cook extra for us the way his Mum and Nonna showed him. 

“When he’d see anything that needed doing around the house, he would just grab the vacuum or fold the clothes without being asked. He would take it upon himself to cook and clean. 

“I’ve already recommended having a Demi Pair to my friends because you’re not only getting help around the house, but you’re also helping a student who’s come to this country and wants to learn English. Mahoney Thomas and Toby

“Thomas went up quite a few levels in his class because he learnt so much English while he was living with us for three months.

“You’re not putting yourself out much by giving them a bedroom and meals which you have there anyway. 

“It’s a good cultural exchange for them because they see how nice Australian people can be and that we are very accepting.

“I wish Thomas all the very best with his future travels and it was a pleasure having him with us for the three months.”



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